Opening Words


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At every worship service, we say these Opening Words, written by our minister, the Rev. Barbara Stevens.  They reflect our vision for what Universalist Recovery Church is now and what we hope it might become.  Our intent is to accept the sacred within ourselves, so we can see and honor the sacred in others.


Come into this circle of love and acceptance.
Come into this place of peace and hope.
Come into this community, where we
honor the wholeness that lies within our brokenness,
and where we believe in a force many call God,
a Force that is Mystery, that is Creator,
that is Sacred, that is Beauty, that is Love.

And where we believe that
no matter who we are,
that Force longs for us
to turn toward It so It can hold us,
and no matter what we’ve done,
that for is waiting
in the end
to take us home.

Welcome and come into this place
where we strive to reflect the love, peace,
and wholeness of such a God.

Sometimes, we use these words for the Invocation or Call to Worship:

God, Spirit of Life and Love,
we invite you to be among us,
to help us realize you are already and always among us.
We ask that you make sacred this sanctuary
and our time with one another.
Fill us with your spirit,
teach us to honor and love each other,
and allow us to feel the touch
of your compassion on our souls.