What Is Recovery?

Recovery at Universalist Recovery Church

At Universalist Recovery Church, we think of recovery as a willingness to heal from the past; a commitment to treat others with compassion and integrity; and a desire to live free in mind, heart, and spirit.

Recovery allows us to get to know the person we were meant to be. We figure out who we really are, and we learn to like that person. When we’re in recovery, we can become that person. We learn to love, we experience peace, we laugh from true joy, and we discover the wholeness that lies within our brokenness. When we walk the path of recovery, we discover our inherent worth and learn to see the beauty inside our hearts. We become our best selves.

When we’re in recovery, we can learn and grow. Becoming our best selves takes time and dedication. We fumble, we fail, and we try again. Our community welcomes you no matter how many times you return, as long as you keep coming back. As the poet says, “even if you have broken your vows a thousand times, come, yet again, come.” [1]

Creating Beloved Community

At the same time, our dedication to growth means our community must be safe. Our covenant of right relationship proclaims our willingness to commit to recognizing the sacred in one another, respecting our idiosyncrasies, listening with compassion, acting with integrity, and making amends when we have hurt one another. Although we talk about and seek forgiveness, we also strive to build a community that does not re-create painful experiences for anyone. Creating this sacred, safe community is part of our recovery journey.

None of this is easy, yet it is worth it. As we grow into our true selves, we experience joy. When we build such a community together, we experience love, hope, peace, and forgiveness.

  1. Although the poem “Come, Come” has been attributed to Rumi, apparently a version of it was written by Abu Sa`d ibn Abi ‘l-Khayr.