Welcome to Universalist Recovery Church.

At Universalist Recovery Church, we offer heart-centered and sacred healing and growth. We are a community of people in recovery from trauma, addiction, mental illness, grief and loss, and physical health challenges. We have family in recovery. Whatever you’re recovering from, we welcome you.


As Universalists, we accept you as you are.

Come into this circle of love and acceptance.

Recognizing that we are all broken in some way, we gather for the hope and healing that comes from recovery, renewal, and restoration.

Come into this place of peace and hope.

As a Church, we strive to create a beloved circle of comfort and support.

Come into this community, where we honor the wholeness that lies within our brokenness, and where we believe in a force some call God.

Welcome, and come into this place.

Visit us on Sundays at 2 PM Eastrose Fellowship, 1133 NE 181st Ave.