Healing for Recovery

Welcome to Universalist Recovery Church, where we offer heart-centered and sacred healing for recovery from the trauma, addiction, and other mental illness. If you live with a mental illness or addiction, or if your loved one does, we are here for you. Anyone who seeks peace and wholeness is welcome.

We honor any spiritual path based on love and justice.

  • Do you want to experience worship with people who understand your struggles?
  • Do you long for acceptance?
  • Are you ready to become the person you were truly meant to be?
  • Do you seek a spiritual community that honors your own Higher Power?

Come visit us on Sundays at 2 PM Eastrose Fellowship, 1133 NE 181st Ave.

Experience Healing for Recovery

You Are Welcome Here

 What Is Recovery?

Recovery is a willingness to heal from the past, a commitment to treat others with compassion and integrity, and a desire to live free in mind, heart, and spirit. When we’re in recovery, we embrace our true selves. Through the recovery process, we learn to love, we experience peace, and we discover the wholeness that lies within our brokenness.

When we’re in recovery, we continue to learn, grow, and become throughout our life. Becoming who we were meant to be takes time and dedication, yet it is worth it. As we grow into our true selves, we experience joy.

Who Are We?

We are people in recovery from life’s wounds: addiction, trauma, mental illness, incarceration. Most of us have loved ones struggle with all these challenges, as well. Some of us appreciate the deep sharing, the encouragement to growth, and the vulnerability we strive to model.

Whatever your recovery journey, and wherever you are on the path, we welcome you.

Healing for Recovery

At Universalist Recovery Church, we offer an open and affirming spiritual path to help us stay in recovery.  We honor any belief that affirms love, life, and joy.

We gather together for worship, sharing, and meals to share thoughts and feelings, talking openly about the struggles and gifts of addiction, trauma, and incarceration, in a way that fosters healing for recovery. Additionally, we have an online presence through our Facebook page, send out a weekly newsletter, and provide pastoral care.

This journey is difficult. At times, we feel broken, but within our brokenness lies a spiritual wholeness.  Our recovery path can be blessed by that wholeness as we learn to love ourselves and the world.  Come celebrate the joys and freedom of recovery with us.

You Are Welcome Here

If you would like to join us, check out our visitor page, sign up for our newsletter, and attend one of our services.  Come experience the healing fellowship of an open, inclusive recovery community.